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Overcoming Church Hurts


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Cinda Adams Gaskin

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Beschreibung Klappentext A church hurt is something most people, who have held membership within a church for at least a few years, have either heard of or experienced. And it seems that the more involved" you are with a church, the greater the propensity for experiencing or learning of a church hurt. What do you do when you experience a church hurt? Do you simply quit the church in a huff, vowing to never return? Do you go around bad-mouthing the church leaders, telling anyone willing to listen that they're a bunch of hypocrites. Do you simply forgive, as the Bible says-seven times seventy-and continue serving in the church unguarded? Let's face it. It's a dilemma. I wrote this book to help hurting people navigate the shipwrecked waters of a church hurt. My aim is to help these people to hold on to their faith, rebuild their trust and transform the bitterness they are likely feeling into a sense of wholeness and peace.

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eBook - Overcoming Church Hurts

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Updated: 24.09.2022
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