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Amira K. Makansi

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Beschreibung Makansi uses the history and themes of famous books to provide humorous but informative drink pairing recommendations . . . The pairings in Literary Libations are cheeky but thoughtful, and each is accompanied by a brief paragraph of explanation." —Southern Oregon Wine Scene "There are at least two good ways to enjoy this excellent volume: you can come to it as a curious drinker, and be reminded by a new recipe of a great book you want to read (or better yet, reread)—or you can come to it as a reader, sharing in Amira Makansi's literary enthusiasm until you work up a mighty thirst, at which time your cure will already be close at hand. Either way, I hope you'll end up as happily sated as I was." —Matt Bell, author of ScrapperAutorentextAmira K. Makansi is a wine industry professional who has worked in many if not all aspects of the wine industry.

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Updated: 24.09.2022
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